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About Us

Valecha Engineering is one of the fastest growing and most admired industrial infrastructure and Road construction companies in India. We have expertise in executing large and complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects.
Valecha Engineering Laid Its First Foundation in 1957. Soon, we got onboarded with our first ever project for the Construction of a Road with BMC.
1569 Employees Was to Be Shortlisted, Trained, and coordinated for this project in a very short span of time.
But It is rightly said “Overcoming Challenges is itself a treat”.
The CEOs & Other Directors in the company Spent Hours of Sleepless Nights training the staff and workers, Did Enormous hard work, Coordinated off-site and on-site for this project.
At that point, everyone in the company was envisioned to make it the best project that the construction world has ever seen.
And Finally, Valecha was ready to hand over its first Road Project to BMC. The Road Project Received a Lot of appreciation from BMC as well as other international construction companies because of Valecha’s new innovations and Idea Implementations.
  Then slowly & steadily with hard work, innovation, and a vision to change the construction world, Companies Started Trusting Us & Joined Onboard With us. And We Started Working on Their projects to bring them into reality. This Journey Continued From 1957 to Present.
We Are Even Called The “DREAM MAKERS” By the Industry Leaders. Shaping Your Dreams & Innovative Construction Ideas into Reality.

Valecha Engineering Limited is dedicated to provide superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of our product, to add value for our clients through innovation, foresight, integrity & aggressive performance.
The company's strength lies in its traditional but unorthodox approach to Civil Engineering Construction i.e. while preserving the traditional values of quality and reliability, the company has chosen to invest in most modern technology present as of date in the fields of civil constructions.
Tarun Dutta
the way we redefine infrastructure


The Valecha Group has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging functioning environment. My mission as a CEO is to face new challenges in a business environment and extent the trajectory into a new direction and turn the organization into a leading business house under societal and economic circumstances which are changing rapidly due to development. Antiquity anecdotes taught me that those who want to succeed in life have to change their strategy according to changing time otherwise become obsolete. This mantra I practiced during my service period and found to be a proven fact. These stories developed art in me to absorb the resistance to change within, and to create an environment where, there is no place for resistance to change for betterment. . Therefore, in order to overcome existing challenges, Valecha Group has undergone an organizational transformation adopting initiatives like restructuring, globalization, and the use of the digital world. These improvements will enable us in identifying and addressing modifications in the business landscape. It is an integral part of my duty to inculcate the attitude among employees to do ethical business each time and every time because for the existence of any business society is needed. No business exists in abeyance. Ultimately, the end-users are the core of any business to grow, has to be addressed in a meaningful, ethical and logical manner, is the motto of our organization. To achieve that said is not possible without the industrious, capable, loyal and dedicated team. To recognize, alien, and synchronize their energy and to utilize their strength in a fruitful manner with an intention to grow them along with the company growth was the Herculin task. As per my belief, a group with a positive attitude is a generator of the right stimulus to pursue the business in the right direction, which is the key to run a successful business with ethos. The critical path of my vision for the organization is to make sure that our people are happy and excited about what they do, and we build a company that the family and friends can be proud of. “That’s the way we redefine infrastructure.”

Chief Executive Officer

Tarun Dutta

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Our Proud Board Of Directors

The secret to success & expansion of Valecha over the last few decades is due to the presence of a strong, intelligent and intellectual board of directors, who always in any circumstances good or bad, unites together to work & guide for a constructive & better future.

tarun datta
Tarun Dutta

CEO, Valecha Engineering Ltd

anil korpe
Mr Anil S Korpe

Chief Finance Officer

Vijay Modi
Mr. Vijay Kumar H Modi

Company Secretary

Awards and Certifications

Valecha Engineering Ltd. have resolved to adopt to Standard Quality Management practices internationally recognized and holds accreditation of:

ISO 9001 2015 Valecha Engineering
ISO 14001 2015 Valecha Engineering
OHSAS 18001 2007 Valecha Engineering